In 2015 God spoke clearly to James and Tara Scott, Pastors of a new church plant. God gave a vision and mission that they knew would shake the core of the “American Church” today. Attempting to focus on the needs found in their own backyard, they began to understand that Heaven always desired to birth solutions into the earth through those that were willing to divorce themselves from preference. The journey of breaking the box of religion and comfort would cause for them to hear two simple words..."HEAVEN INVADES".


HEAVEN INVADES aims to supply spiritual and practical, life-application tools that invoke CHANGE and EMPOWERMENT into individuals, ministries, businesses, communities and our local government. TOGETHER we’re pursuing the release of God’s Glory globally, ONE CITY at a time! 


Our desire is to embrace God’s original design and order causing His children of all races, colors and creeds to not only worship together but DO LIFE together.  We believe it is time to embrace our Kingdom responsibility…seeing ALL as God’s children and carrying one another’s burdens.


This is not just a 3-day conference centered around worship and celebration. As congregations and communities from all over the beautiful Queen City gather, we will also be receiving vital information from our Local City Government Leaders in regards to areas that require our prayer, awareness, focus and time.


It’s time to create a culture where HEAVEN INVADES every area of our lives. 

CONTACT US!          704-527-7611 // andrea@heaveninvades.org